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Boulder weather
Rare and declining birds of Boulder County
Prairie Dogs
Colorado Wildlife management reports
Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (1986)
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Boulder Weather

Boulder, nestled tight against the Front Range, is a place with ever-changing, always-interesting weather. High winds, overlapping seasons, and large temperature differences in a short time or a short distance are features. Fortunately, the local NOAA labs provide us with excellent data to examine many aspects of our interesting climate.

Rare and Declining Birds of Boulder County

Have you seen these birds?

Once more common, these 16 species are now restricted to three or fewer nest sites in the county.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs and other grassland species, such as Burrowing Owls, are a continuing source of concern and controversy in Boulder County. Here are some relevant items from Nature Net and elsewhere:

Colorado Wildlife Management Reports Boulder County Comprehensive Plan: Environmental Resources Element

Download the 37 MB file.

Prepared by the Boulder County Planning Commission, 1983-86 and approved by the County Commisioners in Nov. 1986. The file consists of 148 scanned page-images from the paper document. Pages that are mostly text have been converted using Acrobat Pro OCR facility so that text can be extracted from them using Acrobat Pro. This conversion reduced the file size from the original 45 MB. The page images are retained, including places where there are hand-written annotations.

Guidebooks and Book Reviews



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